Day 1: Thursday, 29 July 2021
SESSION I : Preparing for the Future
Are organizations prepared to face changes in customer and talent needs in the post Covid ecosystem? Are they competitive enough to stay ahead in the market and gauge the changing dynamics?

Eminent panel of leaders from various organizations across sectors will discuss what they are doing to be prepared for what is next and what are the various challenges that they foresee
SESSION II: Emergence of the Gig Talent Economy
Gig work has been around for a while but with adoption of new technologies and people working virtually due to the pandemic, Gig has become a norm and the number of Gig workers have increased globally. We will understand from the leaders of organizations actively involving Gig workforce about:

a. How they interact with and engage Gig Workforce?
b. How rewards and performance of Gig workers are managed?
c. How they plan on re-associating with Gig workers?

Day 2: Friday, 30 July 2021
Session III: “The Art of Scaling Up"
As companies grow, they become more complex, making it difficult to sustain the culture that enabled growth. That’s why it is crucial to plan for scaling up the culture as well as the business.

The panel of experts who have high industry experience will discuss on:
a. How to define ‘Scaling Up’?
b. What are the challenges in India?
c. Which metrics need to be tracked at various stages of organizational growth?
d. How do we balance immediate shareholder returns and long-term growth?
e. What does it mean from a talent standpoint?

Session IV: Using Assessments to ‘Hire Right’
How Assessments can be used to shortlist, analyze and hire the candidate best fit with the organization culture. How can different assessments be used to focus on different competencies of the candidate to ensure the best in being shortlisted according to the organization’s needs
Session V: Leveraging Technology in HR
In the face of the challenges and disruption caused by COVID-19, businesses have an opportunity to rethink their HR strategies to meet short- and long-term needs. Organizations are actively using and identifying new technology to manage changing employee preferences and changes in the organization”. Experts from across the industry will discuss how they are leveraging technology during this pandemic and how they foresee new technology changing the HR strategies
Session VI: Unlocking the potential of women entrepreneurs
The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs has led to the change in the demographic characteristics of business and economic growth of the country. Women-owned businesses enterprises are playing a prominent role in society inspiring others and generating more employment opportunities in the country.

We will have a galaxy of prominent leaders discuss their journey as entrepreneurs and how they are paving the way for other women to take entrepreneurship.
Session VII: Humanizing HR-Tech: Innovations for the Hybrid Workplace
The new world of work demands new ways of business and employee management. While technology has been a key driver for digital transformation, compelling organizations to invest in HR solutions, the hybrid workplace shines the spotlight on employee needs like never before.

Learn from HR leaders about innovative strategies and best practices to improve performance management, employee engagement and experience
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